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Events that Provide Conference-sponsored TLT Training

Pathfinder Leaders Convention - PLC Event Booklet 2014

Pathfinder TLT Convention - TLC Event Booklet 2015

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A four-year course designed to include all aspects of Pathfinder club management, programming, operations, and encourage teens to explore and develop their talents in leadership, planning and social skills.

The program gives the TLT an opportunity to experience Pathfinder leadership under adult supervision. There are six major areas the program concentrates on for training. These include: Administrative, Finance/Clerical, Camping/ Activities, Outreach, Counseling and AY Classwork Levels/Honors. Within each of these operations are several service areas that must be completed. Some clubs, due to size or location, will not require completion of all items under each section.


TLT Mission Statement

The Teen Leadership Training (TLT) program is designed to address adolescent developmental needs and promote leadership skills, enabling and empowering teens to become full partners in the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with Pathfinder adult leadership in a “shared service experience” of the Pathfinder ministry in the North American Division.


TLT Pledge

“Loving the Lord Jesus Christ, I promise to take an active part in the work of the Teen Leadership Training program, doing what I can to help others and to finish the work of the gospel in all the world.”


 TLT Applicant Requirements

  • Applicants must be in grades 9-12
  • Applicants must have an attendance record of at least 80% for the previous year.
  • Applicants must have completed an AY Class Level during the previous year.